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Stainless steel connecting link

Stainless steel connecting linkstainless steel connecting links are a type of stainless steel lifting chain rigging that are used to connect to strings of chain with one or with different sizes together. stainless steel connecting links have higher prices than carbon steel connecting link due to the higher universal price of stainless steel over carbon steel.

Stainless steel connecting links consists of two parts, the body that is in fact two or one parts of round stainless steel shape and the stainless steel latch that opens and closes the loop. Stainless steel connecting links just like all the other stainless steel rigging are available in two grades of stainless steel 304 and 316. Stainless steel connecting link does not require any surface coating and has an innate resistance against humidity due to the highly active metals used in the chemical compound of Stainless steel connecting link in both grades.

Stainless steel quick Link

Stainless steel quick link is a type of stainless steel rigging that is shaped as a master link but can be opened and closed Via a threaded nut. in fact Stainless steel quick link consists ot two parts, the oval body that is threaded partially on the body as the sitting part of the nut , and the stainless steel nut that opens and closes the body by moving back and forth. Stainless steel quick link is available in various Metric and inch sizes and is used with PP rope, sisal rope and even stainless steel wire rope سیم بکسل استیل in both grades of 304 and 316.

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Stainless steel quick Link

G316 connecting link

Stainless steel 316 connecting link is a type of stainless steel lifting chain accessory that is usually available in inch sizes varying from 1/4 to 5/8 inch in size. Stainless steel 316 connecting link has a stainless steel pin that keep the parts connected and is used to dismantle the parts for stainless steel lifting chain زنجیر بار connections. Stainless steel 316 connecting link is chosen following the size of chain or sometimes based on WLL (working Load Limit) specified on the table below. Stainless steel 316 connecting link has a smooth shinny appearance and is water and humidity resistant and therefore requires no coating.

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G316 connecting link
stainless steel chain link 316  G304stainless steel chain link 316
Emergency connecting link  G316Emergency connecting link
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