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Poultry Wire rope

Poultry Wire ropePoultry wire rope سیم بکسل مرغداری is a low carbon wire rope that is used usually to connect and replace poultry site machines. there usually is only on common structure of steel wire rope used in poultry machines which is 6X12+7FC. this structure of wire rope is highly flexible and should never be used for lifting purposes. poultry wire ropes are used from 6 mm to 10 mm. Takin boxel is a distributor of all sizes of poultry wire ropes سیم بکسل مرغداری.

6X12+7FC Poultry wire rope

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6X12+7FC Poultry wire rope

7 fiber core poultry wire rope

7 fiber core poultry wire rope has the highest level of flexibility among all the other structures of wire rope. in poultry industry different diameters and usually ranges lower than 10 mm is used. since the majority of the wire rope profile سطح مقطع سیم بکسل is made of fiber this structure has very low WLL (working load limit). also low grades of carbon are used in this structure and there fore this structure has the tensile strength of 1560 N/mm2.

7 fiber core poultry wire rope
Galvanized poultry wire rope  Fiber coreGalvanized poultry wire rope
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