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Climber wire rope

Climber wire ropeClimber wire rope سیم بکسل کلایمر is a very rare type of wire rope with very limited application in industries. while this wire rope has 4 strand which is scarce compared to all the other 6, 8 and 19 strand wire ropes; it is used often for climbing purposes in mountains or even more so for rock climbers. climber wire rope سیم بکسل کلایمر has the structure of 4X31 and is available in the market as Zinc plated. Takin boxel is a major distributor of climber wire ropes in Iran.

4X31 Climber wire rope

4X31 Climber wire rope has low number of strands and high number of wires within each strand. in fact Climber wire rope is the only 4 stranded wire rope ever produced. the weaving method of wires within this wire rope is Warrington which is very specific and provides high WLL working load limit. Climber wire rope is usually available on reels of 1000 meters with Galvanized coating of surface for higher corrosion resistance.

4X31 Climber wire rope
Chinese Climber wire rope  Fiber coreChinese Climber wire rope
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