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لوگوی سیم بکسل تکین بکسل

About Takinboxel CO.

Takin Boxel is a major importer of all kinds of steel wire rope, chain and accessories in Iran. Takin boxel with over 25 years experience in importing, distributing and providing customers with technical supports associated with steel wire rope, chain and all sorts of lifting accessories.

Takin boxel تکین بکسل excels in all kinds of stainless steel rigging for wire rope and chain slings as well. Both grades of stainless steel 304 , stainless steel 316 in both metric and inch sizes are available in Takin boxel. we are ready to provide the customers not only with the items but also lead them to use the right size, right capacity and right grade of steel wire rope, chain, hoist, chain block and all different kinds of lifting accessories.

تکین بکسل

TEL : 02155422791
Email: info [at] takinboxel [dot] ir
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