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Carbon steel wire rope

Carbon steel wire ropeCarbon steel wire rope سیم بکسل فولادی is a common word in the market that not only illustrates the wire ropes that are made of carbon steel, but usually is used for wire ropes that are used for lifting purposes with slings that are usually made of 6 strands. two of the most common structures of Carbon steel wire rope are 6X36 , 6X37 that both have IWRC cores. Carbon steel wire rope سیم بکسل فولادی usually has high tensile strength and is very suitable for lifting purposes. Takin boxel is a distributor of all sizes and grades of carbon steel wire rope in Iran.

6X36 wire rope

6X36 wire rope

6X37 standard steel wire rope

6X37 standard steel wire rope
Sling IWRC wire rope  WarringtonSling IWRC wire rope
Usha-Martin IWRC wire rope  WarringtonUsha-Martin IWRC wire rope
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TEL : 02155422791
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