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Connecting link

Connecting linkConnecting link رابط زنجیر is a common type of chain accessories that is available in various sizes and grades. in fact a connecting link is a mechanical solution to join two pieces of lifting chain together. every unit of industrial chains is a closed loop and in case there is a requirement to connect two pieces of chain strings connecting links are used.

Connecting links are available in two different shapes but in all designs have a curvy body that is produced using hot forging technique. the curvy body could be split in two parts or as one part. the loop connection is completed using a pin in two part bodies and a small nut for the snap hooks. there are high grades of carbon steel connecting links for carbon steel chains and for stainless steel chains two grades of 304 and 316 connecting links are used.

Carbon steel connecting link

Carbon steel connecting link is the most common type of chain link that is usually made of G80 grade of carbon steel. this mechanical tool consists of 3 sections, two of which are the curvy body of the connecting link that shape a closed loop and the third part is the internal pin that keeps the parts connected. connecting links are not only used to connect two strings of lifting chain but also in chain slings they help connect the chains to the master links. Takinboxel is an Iranian importer and distributor of all kinds of connecting links.

Carbon steel connecting link

Stainless steel connecting link

Stainless steel connecting link رابط زنجیر استیل is an other type of chain accessory that is used in order to connect strings of stainless steel chain. there are different shapes of Stainless steel connecting link in the market that the most common one is dismantled and assembled using a pin. both grades of 304 and 316 of stainless steel are used to produce Stainless steel connecting link bit G316 is more often used due to higher environmental resistance.

Stainless steel connecting link
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