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TirforTirfur تیفور is a mechanical tool for pulling loads on surfaces. This means that the use of tirfur is similar to towline winches, but in terms of structure it has similarities to towline wire polishing. Tirfurs are produced and used in different tonnages and in their connections are made of steel wire rope سیم بکسل which are connected to the load in the form of slings with connections such as hooks. Tirfur تیفور has more complex structures and components compared to other hand tools for handling loads. The connection of tirfur on the abutment is done on one side by means of tow wire and hook, and this connection is short, while on the opposite side, it uses the connection of tow wire and hook in larger area, which often goes up to 35 meters. Takin boxel Co. is an importer of different types of tirfur in different tonnages and with different brands.

Super Til 1.6 Tirfur

Super Til 1.6 Tirfur

3.2 Ton Chinese Tirfur

3.2 Ton Chinese Tirfur is produced with Super Til brand and is delivered along with a specific wire rope سیم بکسل in 20 meters long for this purpose. 3.2 Ton Chinese Tirfur has this nominal capacity for lifting purpose and can have more capacity up to 5 tons or even higher for pulling applications. This equipment is fixed on one side using the eye of the wire rope sling سیم بکسل and is attached on the other side to the objects. 3.2 Ton Chinese Tirfur has the gross weight of about 27 Kg.

3.2 Ton Chinese Tirfur
0.8 Ton tirfur  Wire rope0.8 Ton tirfur
Carl Stahl Tirfor  Wire ropeCarl Stahl Tirfor
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