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Crosby chain accessories

اتصالات زنجیر کروزبی logoCROSBY Chain Fittings CROSBY is actually one of the oldest and most well-known brands of chain and tow wire fittings. The main specialty of Crosby fittings is in the field of producing all kinds of fittings from high grade steel to very high lifting tonnage and in some cases over 250 tons. Crosby joints not only have very special materials and special stages of metal processing, but also have unique designs that lead to increased tensile and abrasion strength of Crosby joints under heavy loads. In steel bar chain connections, various types of cruciform connections including hooks, shapes, braces, steel rings and other tow rope and chain connections have been used. CROSBY is also a very well known manufacturer of lifting chain زنجیر بار in the world that produces G100, G120 Chains for lifting purposes.

CROSBY Lifting Chain

CROSBY Lifting Chain
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