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Chinese wire rope

سیم بکسل چینی logoChinese wire rope currently has a major share of the types of wire rope available in the market not only in Iran but also worldwide. Chinese steel wire ropes are currently produced using the most modern industrial tow wire production machines, most of which are made in European industrialized countries such as Germany. Chinese steel wire ropes سیم بکسل are available and offered in Iran under different brands and have different quality specifications. Resistance tensile which is one of the important criteria in choosing a tow wire for Chinese tow wire in the range of 1560 N/mm2 for general purpose tow ropes and in higher grades with resistance tensile 1770, 1960 and even Chinese tow wire in grade 2160 is also produced for some applications, such as tower wire crane tow ropes.

Chinese elevator wire rope

Chinese elevator wire rope
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