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Winch wire rope

The winch wire rope, which is used both for lifting loads on the ground and for lifting loads at heights such as construction elevators, is a 6-strand steel wire rope. In fact, in most cases, winch and hoist wire ropes are structurally identical to electric crane tow ropes. In the connection of the winch and wire tow rope with the rotation of an electric motor, which is often connected to a coupling system, the tow rope is collected on the winch and by reducing the length of the wire rope, the body is pulled closer to the winch and lift.

Structure and diameter of Winch wire rope

The functional sizes of the winch steel wire start from 8 mm, in this size, a steel core is often used on the winch and forklifts. In higher sizes, which are often used up to a maximum of 12 mm, the core of the winch and lift wire is often hemp. The 6X19 structure is the most widely used structure among all steel wire ropes سیم بکسل in the production of winch tow ropes.

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