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Usha Martin wire rope

سیم بکسل یوشا مارتین logoUsha Martin wire rope is made in India and licensed in the United Kingdom. Yosha-martin tow rope is actually a British product, which is the place of production of this brand in India, considering that India has been one of the British colonies for many years. Yosha Martin steel wire rope سیم بکسل produces a variety of steel wire ropes in various grades and structures, but the main reputation of this brand is in the production of high diameter tow ropes. Types of tow ropes with seal texture, Warrington, standard and combined Warrington seals are produced by Yosha-martin steel wire ropes in various sizes up to 80 mm. Also, various types of restraint wires for suspension of bridges and cranes in different sizes and high tensile densities in 1X7, 1X19, 1X35 structures are supplied galvanized by Usha-Martin steel wire.

Usha-Martin Wire rope with IWRC

Usha-Martin Wire rope with IWRC
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