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Chinese elevator wire rope

Chinese elevator wire ropes have the highest share of Iranian market with over 70% of all wire ropes and over 90% of imported elevator ropes in the market. Currently, Chinese elevator ropes are produced using the highest technology of machinery specifically machines produced in Germany and therefore, have very high standards. even though Chinese elevator ropes still come short in comparison of quality with highest quality of these ropes manufactured by GUSTAV WOLF or even KISWIRE; they are on the track to reach up to these brands within a few years. considering the substantial difference of price per meter between Chinese wire ropes and European wire ropes the majority of consumers around the globe now have leaned more towards Chinese wire ropes.

Chinese manufacturers of wire rope have almost all applied for international quality and systemic standards such as BV, GL and ISO to certify the quality of their products. as a result the price of Chinese wire ropes as well have increased significantly as the quality has increased within the past few years.

Chinese elevator wire rope
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