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Lifting chain

Lifting chainLifting chains زنجیر بار are very useful mechanical instruments for lifting purposes and as alternative for steel wire ropes. Chain slings that are usually made of G80 chain to have more tensile strength are very common in hoising and lifting.

Although not all standard chains are used in the steel chain industry, they are also found in low-grade iron grades such as G43 grade chains, which are made of low-carbon iron with low lifting capability and high malleability, but the most widely used grade. Load chains are G80 grade steel chains, which are used in the production of chain slings at the highest level. lifting chain زنجیر بار is produced using various standards with metric dimensions and INCH dimensions.

Cold Galvanized Lifting chain

Cold Galvanized Lifting chain

Dip galvanized lifting chain

Dip galvanized lifting chain
G80 chain  GalvanizedG80 chain
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