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Marine wire rope and accessories

Steel wire ropes and marine fittings used on shores, on ships and in offshore structures are more exposed to high humidity and are made of stainless steel if they do not come into contact with seawater. Types of steel wire ropes, stainless steel fittings, chains and steel slings are used in coastal and marine environments. However, in case of contact of the steel wire rope سیم بکسل or connections with the sea water, they are exposed to very high corrosion due to the very high salts and salts that are found in these waters with a high percentage.

Marine ropes

Even stainless steel wire rope can corrode and rust in contact with seawater in the short term. Therefore, instead of tow wire in direct contact with seawater, sea ropes such as sisal rope and PP rope are often used. In selecting the types of sea ropes and using it instead of tow ropes, in addition to the traction capability of these wires, the lack of water absorption by them is also considered.

Steel wire rope Marine wire rope and accessories

Wire rope and Chain rigging Marine wire rope and accessories

Lifting accessories Marine wire rope and accessories

Stainless steel rigging Marine wire rope and accessories

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