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Gustav Wolf wire rope

سیم بکسل گوستاولف logo Gustav Wolf tow wire is a German brand, but this explanation is enough to prove the quality of an industrial product that is produced under the German industry standard. Gusta Wolf elevator tow wire is produced from 8 mm to 13 mm size and uses both simple and standard structures of elevator tow wire and has tow ropes with Gusta Wolf special standards. Takin Boxel is an importer and supplier of various textures of Gustav Wolf tow wire in Iran.

Mechanical properties of Gustav Wolf wire ropes

Due to the connection and use of Gustav Wolf wire ropes on elevator cabins, a series of quality mechanical specifications as standard not only for Gustav Wolf tow wires in Germany but also for all tow wires used in elevator connections. Suitable flexibility, high resistance tensile strength, springiness of the wires used in the wire rope, surface plating and rust resistance are the most important technical specifications required for the elevator tow wire, which are at the highest possible level on the Gustav Gustav tow wire. Wolf have been observed.

GUSTAV WOLF Elevator rope

GUSTAV WOLF Elevator rope


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